Azzuro Hair Design in Larnaca is excited to introduce the new Infra Red Keratin Treatment Program to our salon.  

What is Keratin?

Keratin is a natural substance found in hair, certain plants and seeds. Keratin is the substance within the hair which creates shine, elasticity and strength and prevents breakage and dullness.

What is the Infra Red Keratin Treatment Program?

The Infra Red Keratin Treatment Program is exclusive to top salons and is a three stage process which will take our stylist around 1 hour. The first step of the treatment is to wash the hair in a special clarifying shampoo, this removes build up in the hair and excess oils and allows the treatment to penetrate the hair strand.

The second step is the application of pure keratin onto the damp hair strand, hair is sectioned and the keratin sprayed on.

During this process the special infra red irons are run over the hair against the shaft direction to enable the keratin to penetrate the shaft. Lastly a keratin sealant is applied to each section of the hair and the infra red irons are run through the hair sections to seal in the treatment. The infra red irons are not hot and are edesigned to work with the treatment to lock in moisture and keratin.

The hair is then allowed to absorb the treatment before it is rinsed, not shampooed off.  The treatment can then be followed by your usual cut and blowdry if required.

Ok – enough with the science Azzuro- what does it do?

The Infra Red Keratin Program gives you shiny, soft, bouncy and manageable hair. It also gives a more even colour tone and leaves the hair in visibly better condition. It is not a straightening system although our clients so far have observed much less frizz and sleeker hair which last up to 2 months.

What does it Cost?

The Keratin treatment takes around 1 hour and costs 50 Euros, to book PLEASE CLICK HERE

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