Alter Ego Italy are a complete range of professional products for salon use only. Alter Ego is charactiserised by its high quality products, innovative developments and trendy image which has made it popular Worldwide. The colours used by Azzuro Hair Design are Alter Ego and are of course not for home use. We do however stock a wide range of styling products, shampoos, conditioners and masks from Alter Ego which you can purchase at our salon.

  • World of Styling– for Curl, Fix, Sleek or Volume we have the product to match your hair
  • Nourishing Spa– this range gives attentive care to dry and delicate hair moisturising it from within with natural fruit oils
  • World of Suncare– UVA/UVB protection in addition to chlorine and sea salt filters to protect your hair in the summer.



Azzuro Hair Design Larnaca