10 Things To Stop Doing To Your Hair!

bad-hairWe put together 10 Things To Stop Doing To Your Hair because at Azzuro Hair Design in Larnaca we know that sometimes the worst hair crimes are not always that obvious!

We all know not to colour, straighten, blowdry and perm on the same day but what else shouldn’t you do?

So here we go… 10 things you shouldn’t do to your hair if you want it to get into great condition!

Stop using an anti dandruff shampoo

Especially the supermarket ones. Most of you don’t have dandruff you have a flaky scalp which is very different. Anti dandruff shampoos strip the scalp, strip your colour, strip your condition and well… just stop it!

Stop blow drying every day

Give your hair a break- if you can let your hair dry naturally then do especially on the weekends if you are not rushing about

Do not brush wet hair

Always use a wide tooth comb on wet hair and not a brush- brushing wet hair just breaks it and causes frizzy damaged hair.

Do not tie your hair so tightly

Ponytails are great but constant tight ones can lead to traction alopecia and hair loss. Loosen your hair band and try to wear your hair down more often.

Do not rush into extensions

Hair extensions can look great but if they are not done properly they can cause baldness and pain where they are too tightly placed against the scalp. Try some clip in extensions from Azzuro to see if that fills the void!

Don’t let post pregnancy hair loss worry you

We see lots of clients who are concerned about this and worry can make it worse. It is completely normal and will stop after a few months.  

Don’t sleep with tight plaits/rollers

This can weaken the hair and cause fraying as you toss and turn in the night. Ideally sleep with your hair loose and on a silky/satin pillow to avoid static bed hair.

Stop Cutting Your Own Fringe

It looks disastrous, you will never get it straight and it is difficult for us to fix it once you have done it! Azzuro clients get free fringe trims anyway so just stop it!

Stop Home Colouring

Supermarket hair colourants usually have some heavy duty chemicals which can damage your hair and scalp. Plus did you know that the colour on the box is tested on white hair? The exact science of a good hair colour is always best left to the professionals!

Do not expose hair to the sun

Wherever possible where a hat or headscarf at the beach and apply a thin layer of sunscreen to the parting to avoid painful sunburn.

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