How To Wake Up To Great Hair – 3 Tips

wake upArrrggghhhh morning hair- don’t you just hate it? You wake up with bed hair and then spend your precious moments running around trying to make it look good! So at Azzuro Hair Design we say it can be different- read How To Wake Up To Great Hair – 3 Tips and see if you can achieve great morning hair.

We asked our clients for their tips on how to get good morning hair and many of them told us that their regime starts the night before… as in …while they are sleeping! Basically they style their hair before they go to sleep so that it locks in a good shape and looks awesome in the morning! Here are our top three tips…

Wake Up To Great Hair – Tip #1

Get home from work, shower and towel dry your hair. Comb it through, part it into four sections and lightly spritz with a shine spray. Twirl the hair and pin into place in the four sections- like four mini buns. The tighter you twirl then the tighter your curls will be the next day.

Result- Soft clean bouncy curls to start your day

Wake Up To Great Hair – Tip #2

Gather your hair on the top of your head a bit like a pineapple. It should be completely dry and brushed through. Then take a silk scarf- it must be real silk and wrap it around the base of your pineapple. This technique keeps your hair from getting static and crazy while you sleep and the silk material ensures your head stays cool and your hair stays shiny.

Result – Smooth, manageable & bouncy hair

Wake Up To Great Hair – Tip #3

French-braid your damp hair before you go to bed and then spritz very lightly with a light hold hairspray. In the morning gently undo the braid and run your fingers through the hair- do not comb! Then apply a little more hairspray and you’re good to go!

Result- Pretty mermaid style waves

So there you have it … how to wake up to great hair! To book an appointment with our Larnaca hair salon simply call +357 24646942 or click here

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