3 Hair Trends You Shouldn’t Miss In 2018

As 2018 begins and we say goodbye to 2017, Azzuro Hair Design, a hairdressing salon in Larnaca, Cyprus, takes a look at 3 hair trends you shouldn’t miss in 2018. Let’s first breathe a sigh of relief that the following hair trends are on their way out:

Bye Bye Rainbow Hair

Yes ladies, looking like a unicorn was fun in 2017 wasn’t it! However, the rainbow hair trend is on its way out and it’s probably a good thing. It was very damaging for hair which had to be bleached first in order to apply colour. It also faded fast meaning constant colour retouches.

Bye Bye Grey Hair

Yep, that steel grey look sported by young girls (and guys) is no longer in for 2018! The silver grey hair and even lilac hair of 2017 was also highly damaging to hair, especially if the base colour was brunette.

Bye Bye Ombre

We are not at all sorry to see the back of this hair trend. Ombre, the hair colour that was designed to look as if your roots were permanently on display, is finally heading away. The ombre look, which saw women across the world with black roots and bleached blonde tips is no more.

So, now those hair trends are out of the way, what can we expect in 2018?

The Bowl Cut

Really? We can hear you crying!

The bowl cut was synonymous with our mothers shaming us with the worst hairstyle ever back in primary school so why is it back?

Stylists agree that the boyish androgynous look is making a come back. In fact, the retro 80s trends are making an appearance in general with soft layers and an easier wearing look.

Look on the positive side, a bowl cut is easy to style, grow out and colour. It is also a much more refined look than you will remember! Oh and another thing- this doesn’t mean you can perform it yourself at home. Get yourself to Azzuro Hair Design!

Long Choppy Layers

Ok, the good news is that long straight hair is back in again so those GHDs you invested in will truly never go out of fashion.

Here we are talking about mid to long lengths with tons of shine and prominent colour slices. The cut will need to be blunt though ladies so none of that split end business. The key to this style is a very good haircut (hey that’s pretty much what we do) and good styling products like serum, gloss and wax to define those ends.

Check out this recent pic of Sandra Bullock and you will get an idea on this style.

Golden Blonde

The key colour to watch in 2018 is golden and caramel blonde. Think rich honey, syrup, pecan and… ok enough with the sweets! The point is, blonde in 2018 needs to be natural so no more bottle blonde all over colours. Think golden slices, caramel highlights and soft slices of colour.

The great news is that this will work for blondes, brunettes, red heads and .. pretty much everyone. Check out this pic of Sarah Jessica Parker and you get the idea.

Azzuro Hair Design loves this shade because it’s flattering and much less damaging to your hair.

So there you go guys and girls, the hair trends you shouldn’t miss in 2018! Azzuro Hair Design is Larnaca’s favourite hair salon so why not click here to book an appointment with our team.

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