“Embarrassing Hair Problems” Sorted With Azzuro Hair Design

At Azzuro Hair Design in Cyprus many of our clients tell us that they have been too embarrassed to visit a hair salon because they think that their hair problem is unique or in some way embarrassing. Hair stylists are a bit like doctors in that they have seen it all before and nothing is embarrassing or beyond repair.

Here are some of the problems that worry our clients:


Many clients worry about dandruff and how to fix it but the truth is that most people do not have dandruff. Dandruff is a medical condition which is often confused with a dry scalp. Many clients use well known “anti dandruff” shampoos but in actual fact they make the problem worse by stripping the scalp bare so that when you stop using the shampoo your flaky skin returns. Azzuro Hair Design offers scalp massages and specialised treatments which focus on the scalp and the hair to combat the problem long term. Its a really common problem so people should’t be embarrassed to discuss it with their stylist.

Hair Loss

This problem affects so many people in their lives. Pregnant women lose hair during pregnancy and rapidly lose hair after giving birth. Men can lose hair as they age depending on hereditary or environmental factors and other clients can suffer from stress related alopecia. Everyone loses around 100 hairs per day naturally but if you feel you are losing more hair than usual you should talk to Azzuro Hair Design to find out how we can work with you.

Grey Hairs

Again a problem that will affect most people at some point but one which many clients (particularly men) are very sensitive about. The  common mistake that most people make is to panic and dye their hair back to what it was when they were young- perhaps a dark brown or vibrant red. Grey hair will show much more if you choose a block colour and as we age our skin and hair demand a more tailored approach. Speak to Azzuro Hair Design about a colour which will cover or blend your greys without leaving you with an obvious regrowth. And men- dont reach for the black hair dye please come and see us first!

Bad Home Cut

I think we have all done it at some point havent we? Thought that our fringe was getting a bit long and we would just snip a tiny bit off? Then its not quite even so we chop a bit on the other side? Before you know it you’re a star trek reject who is too embarrassed to leave the house! Unless you have done a Britney Spears (shaved it all off!) it is always fixable! Make your appointment under the cover of darkness if you must but head for Azzuro Hair Design!

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