Azzuro Hair Design Talks Red Streaks!

At Azzuro Hair Design in Larnaca we are often asked by clients “would I suit red hair”. It seems like a huge change to make especially if you have stuck with your natural colour or a sensible brunette dye. At Azzuro Hair Design we offer free consultations to help our clients decide on the colour and cut that is best for them.


There are so many shades of red available from copper red through to pillar box red. There are also different ways to introduce that red colour you really like into your existing colour and style. At Azzuro Hair Design we really do have the colour expertise and cruelty free ammonia free products to make your dream hair colour a reality.

Azzuro Talks Red Streaks

Red streaks are a great way for you to get to know your chosen red without too much commitment. A streak is not an all over colour or a head of tiny low lights. Instead our stylist will carefully select a section (or sections) of your hair and using foil packets he will colour that section in your chosen red. Streaks are a compromise when you play with the idea of wearing your hair red but don’t want to transition to a bright, flamboyant red colour right away.

You may also find that you prefer that subtle suggestion of red without overdoing it too much especially if you are working in a professional environment where pillar box red hair would not be welcomed!

At Azzuro Hair Design we know the best places for your streaks to go- perhaps a large sideways streak in your fringe would look best. Alternatively placed underneath a parting so that you can wear it brunette one day and part it differently the next to show your new wild colour?

Which Red For Me?

Reddish blonde and light copper are great for blondes/ mousy browns with light skin.

Mahogony/ Maroon reds are great for brunettes/ light brown hair with light to medium skin

Pillar box or cherry reds are great for those with dark brunette or black hair and will work on those with dark features.

For a free consultation with Azzuro Hair Design’s stylist give us a call on Tel +357 24646942 or CLICK HERE to send us a message.

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