Azzuro Product Ranges Make You Shine.

Azzuro Hair Design has a wide range of professional unisex hair products for sale in our Cyprus hair salon. See which Azzuro Product Ranges Make You Shine.

Dry/Damaged– We recommend the superb range by Clynol, combine the nourishing care shampoos with deep conditioning masks for superbly shiny hair

Coloured– We recommend  the Alter Ego Italy range which has tailored shampoos and conditioners for your hair colour. Choose from fruity pomegranate or citrus with vibrant colours to help top up your own colour whether it is natural or not. The bright purple shampoo and conditioner brightens and lightens blondes whilst the deep red adds zing to red hair or tone to brunettes.

Oily Hair– Azzuro Hair Design recommends the MUK hair range which is light enough for everyday use yet tailored for your hair type. Combine your chosen shampoo and conditioner with the matching styling products for fabulous hair (and a very chic bathroom shelf)

Dry Scalp– We just love Dikson scalp treatments… in individual treatment containers they are massaged into the hair and scalp leaving your scalp free of dry skin and your hair beautifully shiny. Azzuro Hair Design clients also love the smell and the bounce it puts into their hair.

For Shine – For shiny hair that reflects the light, Azzuro Hair Design loves Drop Dew’s mineral complex which adds nutrients into your wet hair so that when its blow dried it is smooth and sleek. We also love MUK Hair’s shine serum which can be applied before or after styling for sleek and silky hair.

For Men– Azzuro Hair Design has a great range of products for men including clays, waxes, gels and styling sprays.

Remember none of our products are tested on animals

For more information about our product range or to arrange a free consultation please contact Azzuro Hair Design


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