Worst Home Hair Disasters!

At Azzuro Hair Design in Larnaca we have seen some pretty bad home hair disasters – we never recommend clients colour or cut hair themselves… here’s a few reasons why…

1) We have had several clients who wanted to bleach their hair at home and decided to use Domestos! Just for the record… your hair will probably go orange and you will smell like a toilet for quite some time not to mention the damage….. Ouch!

2) Many clients think they can snip their children’s hair at home… in theory it seems like it won’t matter but aside from many bowl shaped hair cuts we have also seen children wounded with scissors as they have wriggled in the process. Leave your hair and your children’s hair in the hands of an expert who knows how to cut hair!

3) One client got so fed up with her permanent extensions falling out that she decided to superglue them to her hair…. following which she had to come into the salon to have the whole lot cut off and glue removed from her neck and ears…. superglue and hair is a no go!

4) The most common problem is people colouring their hair at home. Finding the perfect hair colour is a mix of chemistry and art and usually cannot be achieved with a shop bought colour. The reason that many colours look different on the samples than they do on your own hair is because colours are dyed onto white hair in samples. So the colour on the box will never look the same on you. We see oranges that should have been brunettes, blacks that should have been caramels and greys that should have been blondes. Better to bring a picture into the salon and let us mix the colour for you!

5) Lastly men…. you’re drunk. you have a pair of clippers. you think you can do you’re own hair. You cant and will look very silly. Bring yourself to the hair salon when you want a hair cut and not after you have carved bald patches into your scalp!


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