5 Tips For Beautiful Nails

At Azzuro Hair Design it’s not just about beautiful hair … it’s about beautiful nails too! At our Larnaka hairdressing salon we also have the talented Marina, our in house nail technician offering a range of manicure and pedicure services. We love to bring you tips for beautiful hair but this week here are 5 tips for beautiful nails …

tips for beautiful nails

1. Avoid Chemical Soaps

Try to avoid soap with harsh chemicals, often marked “antibacterial”, and instead look for natural ingredients such as tea tree oil or eucalyptus. Antibacterial will really dry out your hands and nails over time causing breakage and skin chapping.

2. Don’t cut cuticles!

It is important to push cuticles back to improve the look of your manicure but cutting them leaves you open to infection and looks awful. Soften cuticles weekly and push back gently after soaking in warm water. Finish by massaging oil into the cuticles and nail bed.

3. Don’t let your hands age!

Your hands can wrinkle and age just like your face so don’t skimp on the moisturizer. If you have gel nails which involve UV light treatment then make sure you apply an SPF to your hands. Moisturise hands after washing and before bed to keep them soft and supple.

4. Stop picking!

If you follow no other piece of advice, follow this one. Stop picking, biting and all manner of destruction! This includes peeling off your nail polish because very often you will be peeling off a layer of your nail too! This is especially true if you have acrylic nails. Always leave the removal of gel or acrylics to your nail technician.

5. Learn To File!

Never file your nails in a back-forth motion as this can really break them. Nail technicians might do it, because they use professional tools and know the proper pressure to exert. Also you should always dry nails before filing because wet nails (just like hair) are more susceptible to damage.

We hope you enjoyed 5 tips for beautiful nails … To book a nail or hair appointment please call Azzuro Hair Design on +357 24646942 or Click Here

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