Why Your Hairstyle is Making You Look Older!

why your hairstyle makes you look olderWe all want to look younger, or at least we want to look our actual age and not add on any extra years! At Azzuro Hair Design in Oroklini the most common request from clients is “make me look younger!”

Actually your hairstyle, colour and condition says a lot about you and can massively affect people’s perceptions of your age.

Azzuro Hair Design can’t help you with the wrinkles or indeed with your clothing style if that is adding on the years but we can certainly help you with your hair! So grab a coffee, sit back and find out Why Your Hairstyle is Making You Look Older!

  1. Too Long

Now before you all get upset, we are not saying that older women can’t have long hair but there’s long and there’s long! Remember when you were ten and your hair was all the way down your back?  Yep hair that long is probably too long! Long hair on older women can look amazing but it all depends on the upkeep, condition and colour. It also depends on your facial features because long hair can exasperate facial wrinkles or a thinning face. If your long hair is in a bad condition with lots of grey or it is thinning then this will add years onto your age. Opt for a past the shoulders length and a great colour for a voluptuous and youthful look.

  1. Too Dark

A classic colouring mistake that older women make is to dye their hair too dark. In many cases it is the hair colour they had when they were in their twenties. Hair that is dyed too dark can have a massive impact on your age looking harsh, false and blanching the natural tones from your face. Not to mention the fact that any grey regrowth looks terrible. Try to stay within two shades of your natural colour and let’s be clear… that’s the colour your hair is now and not forty years ago! Don’t be scared to choose warmer, blonder shades as they will flatter your skin tone. If your hair is greying chat to our stylists about the best options to suit you.

  1. Too Short

At Azzuro Hair Design we love short styles, they can look pretty, feminine, elegant… well anything you want really. Unfortunately some salons seem hell bent on providing their female clients with the equivalent of a crew cut which is the reason they seek out Azzuro, usually in tears! There is nothing flattering about a short shaved all over cut and it is rarely feminine unless you are Demi Moore! If you didn’t choose a short style before then perhaps start with a short bob which can gradually get shorter on the back. By leaving the hair longer around the face you add femininity, soften your features and look years younger.

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