Top 4 Azzuro Hair Design Styles For Thinning Hair

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At Azzuro Hair Design in Oroklini  we see all different hair types on a daily basis and we know that with cutting and colouring one size does not fit all. We are not a hairdressing salon who simply churns out production line haircuts nor are we the type of hairdresser to cut your hair in an unflattering way. Each person and hair type is different and here we take a look at the best cuts to flatter thin hair.

Most people will experience thin hair at some point in their lives. Some clients have naturally thing hair whilst others may experience thinning through age, pregnancy, sickness or stress.

Top 4 Azzuro Hair Design Styles For Thinning Hair

Short Blunt Bob

A blunt, chin-length cut is a great solution for thinning hair and can be adjusted to suit your faceshape. It’s relatively low-maintenance (although no good hairstyle is ever maintenance free) and can be worn on or off the face.

Short, Choppy Bob

Irregular length layers create a fuller look but this will require styling and the use of hair products to avoid the hair becoming flat and therefore looking thin. It’s especially good for ladies who want to camouflage thinning at the back of the head.

Mid-length With Long Layers

This length is as long as a woman with thin hair should go, but it has the feel of longer hair. Azzuro Hair Design can remove the thickness from the ends so yur hair moves and create a style that frames your face looking feminine and elegant.

Strategic Hi/Lo Lights

Colour makes a massive difference when you have thin hair and an all over block colour, particvularly if it is the wrong one will make your hair look flat and one dimensional. Let Azzuro Hair Design add a few strategically placed hi or lo lights to your hair to lift it at the crown and add texture and shimmer.

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