3 Things You Should Never Say To A Stylist

never say to your stylistAt Azzuro Hair Design in Oroklini we love our clients and we love the random requests we get on a weekly basis. Recently one of our 80 year old clients asked us to cut all her hair off and dye it pink… Just because! We love it! So then what are the 3 things you should never say to a stylist ? Owner of Azzuro Hair Design Nof, has over 25 years experience in hairdressing and spills the beans…

1. “I want to look like X Celebrity”

“Each week we have clients walk into the salon clutching photos of celebrities” says Nof. “There are so many problems with this! Firstly celebrities have a team of stylists working on them each day… they use extensions, expensive products, professional tools and even wigs to achieve the desired look. They primp and preen their clients before each event and if that isn’t successful then they will insist on photoshop via the magazines in which photos are published. Remember that most of the time what you’re seeing isn’t real and if it was then you would need to put a lot of effort into your style in many cases. Add into this the difference in hair texture, lifestyle and face shape and it is rare that you will end up looking exactly like your chosen celebrity!” Nof advises that clients bring in photos but remain realistic as to their own abilities to maintain a colour or style and know that it will not always suit them.

2. Do anything you want… except X, Y & Z

“Ok I admit that this one is pretty annoying because it happens all the time” says Nof. “Many clients will announce that they want a complete change and we should do whatever we want. We begin to think about a cool new haircut or a colour change and then the client announces ‘but don’t cut more than one inch’ and ‘don’t change the colour’. This in itself is fine, but if you want to look completely different then you have to let us do something completely different otherwise we will happily maintain your existing style.” Nof advises that Azzuro Hair Design in Larnaca is favoured because of its long term ralationships with clients who come back time and time again. “We don’t mind if you want a complete change or something simple. The problem comes if you will be disappointed by the lack of change when you didn’t actually want us to change anything!”

3. I tried to do it myself but now I’m coming to you

Arggghhhhhhh did you? Sometimes we dread to see how you will look when you walk in. This is because we have received a panicked phone call 10 minutes before to say that you have “attempted to cut your fringe” “tried to go blonde” or “attempted a home highlighting kit”. “There are many problems associated with trying to colour and cut your own hair at home but the bottom line is… it rarely looks the way you wanted it to” says Nof. “We have seen lopsided fringes, bowl cuts on children, green hair, orange hair, pink hair, loss of hair and plenty of tears from your attempts. The problem is that it can be difficult for us to fix and eventually you will end up spending much more money than you would if you had just come to us in the first place! A bad home hair dye can require several professional treatments to remove plus a recolour. Pop into the salon for a free consultation, tell us your budget and what you want to achieve and let us work out the best route for you”

We hope you enjoyed reading three things you should never say to a stylist . To book your free consultation at Azzuro Hair Design click here or call +357 24646942.

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