5 Things You Wish Your Hair Would Do

At Azzuro Hair Design, the unisex hairdressing salon in Larnaca Cyprus we know you all have hair wishes. Every day we hear our clients wishing for curls, straight hair, dark hair, blonde hair. So we decided to compile the top 5 things you wish your hair would do and give you a bit of hairdressing advice along the way!

#1 I Wish My Hair Was Curly


Every day we have clients dreaming of barrel curls and mermaid tendrils. If your hair is poker straight then it can be difficult to achieve a perfect lasting curl. The 80s perm never really cut it in that department. To achieve a perfect curl, try using your straightening irons at an angle  and fixing with a strong hold spray.Speak to our stylist for tips on how to achieve beautiful and lasting curls.

#2 I Wish My Hair Was In Better Condition


Every client dreams of shiny, healthy hair and in many cases it’s an achievable dream. By using professional shampoos and conditioning treatments and minimising heat damage you will make a big difference. Remember though that good looking hair comes from within and a junk food diet is not conducive to healthy hair. Speak to Azzuro Hair Design for tips on the best foods to eat for strong and shiny hair.

#3 I Wish My Hair Looked Like “X” Celebrity


To be honest we are sure that celebrities wish their hair actually looked like that too! Remember that celebrities use wigs, hair pieces, extensions and numerous high end products to achieve their look. They have a team of stylists at the ready and if all else fails there is always photoshop! Azzuro Hair Design, with it’s experience in catwalk hair knows that it isn’t always as it seems!

#4 I Wish My Hair Was Really Blonde


We have a lot of clients seeking platinum blonde hair and there are many occasions where it just isn’t possible. If your hair is naturally dark and you want it to be white blonde then you are going to have to cause a lot of damage to get there. A light brown or mousy hair shade can achieve this look with less effort. Remember that a platinum blonde shade can be difficult to maintain and your roots will need to be touched up… a lot! Speak to our stylists about some softer highlights or caramel blonde shades but whatever you do – don’t dye it at home!

#5  I Wish My Hair Wasn’t Frizzy


The Cyprus summer really does bring out the best of the frizz doesn’t it? The damp, sticky heat exasperates frizz and can leave you looking like you have done a few spins in a tumble dryer! At Azzuro Hair Design we offer an infra red keratine system designed to smooth the hair shaft leaving it silkier and more manageable for up to 8 weeks. Combine this with some shine spray and a good hair treatment and you will definitely be less frizzy!

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