Top 3 Hair Colour Mistakes

When it comes to hair colour, Azzuro Hair Design are the experts. Getting the right hair colour requires an understanding of each individuals hair type, face shape, skin tone, lifestyle and of course a colour you love so much you want to show the world.

great hair colour at azzuroAt Azzuro Hair Design we know that many of you are walking around with a colour you are not happy with so here are our top 3 hair colour mistakes for you to avoid!

Block Colour

Block colours (all over dyes) can be great for some clients however they should be approached with caution. It goes without saying that you should not colour your hair at home (too many home hair disasters to mention here) however even at your hair salon an all over colour isn’t for everyone. Why Not? Well an all over colour will clearly show any regrowth. If you have gone lighter than your natural shade then you will see a thick line of back roots and if you have a few greys then they will show much more with an all over colour. Your ideal hair colour can be achieved using hilights and lowlights which break up your parting and hide regrowth. An all over colour can also look flat whilst carefully placed colour adds volume, shine and interest to your hairstyle.

Too Light

As summer approaches we always see an increase in requests for light blonde hair colours. Light blonde does not suit everyone and can leave your complexion looking washed out and pale. If your features are darker – olive skin and dark eyes why not consider light caramel hilights to add shine and brightness to your hair whilst still looking natural and light. Don’t forget that a platinum blonde tone all over will reduce shine in your hair and as per number one it will show your regrowth. At Azzuro Hair Design we offer hilights from just 45 euros so you can achieve a beautiful blonde look that is tailored for you!

Following Every Colour Trend

We all like to look stylish and to have hair colour that follows trends however you need to find your ideal colour and be confident enough to set your own trend. If you follow every colour trend you will be going from chocolate brown to platinum blonde to dip dyed to hilighted every other month. The problem with this is that your hair will become damaged from the constant colour changes and may look dull and lifeless. At Azzuro Hair Design we take the time to talk with our clients to choose the perfect colour which suits you and is adaptable for your fashion trends and lifestyles. We discuss your plans and if they are really drastic then we talk you through the possible consequences and suggest alternatives. Our salon uses only the best professional colour ranges that are not tested on animals.

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