3 Women’s Hair Problems Answered

At Azzuro Hair Design we hear every hair problem under the sun! Too frizzy, too dry, too curly, won’t grow, won’t stop growing… you name it, we have heard it! Let’s take a look at the top 3 women’s hair problems with salon owner Nof.

1. Frizzy Hair

Frizzy hair is a common problem, especially here in Cyprus.  The humidity can make your hair frizzy even if you have straightened it before you leave the house!  Frizzy hair can affect women with naturally straight or curly hair and can completely ruin your look.

How to Treat Frizzy Hair

“In many cases, the problem of frizzy hair can be reduced by following some simple steps” says Nof. Firstly, make sure your hair is trimmed with all split ends and flyaways kept in check. Use a regular moisture mask on your hair, at least once per week, and invest in a smoothing serum or shine spray. Lastly, many women suffer from frizz because they are not drying their hair properly. Always dry your hair in sections starting from the base to the crown. Never try to straighten damp hair or straighten a block of hair in one chunk!


2. Split Ends 

“Split ends are a common one but they are a completely self made problem” says Nof. Using chemicals like hair colors or blow drying your hair or using straighteners and curlers can cause split ends to occur but the solution is simple.

How to Treat Split Ends

The treatment for split ends is to schedule regular trims at the salon. Whilst many products claim to “fix” split ends, all they really do is smooth their appearance. Many women worry about losing the length of their hair, but in actual fact, if you allow your splits to continue up the hair strand, then a drastic cut will be more likely. Regular trims avoid the need to take off the dreaded four inches of hair!

3. Hair Loss

Hair loss is a common problem among women and it can have many causes including aging, pregnancy, malnutrition and illness. “It is normal to lose up to 60 hairs per day, but if you are seeing more then book a trip to the salon” says Nof. We will examine your hair and scalp and look for possible causes and solutions.

How to Treat Hair Loss

Visit Azzuro Hair Design for a consultation and we can advise you based on our experience. For severe hair loss it may be necessary to visit a doctor, however in the meantime there may be things you can try yourself. Your diet and health are a major contributor so it is important to eat foods that provide strength and nutrition to your hair. If you are suffering from hair loss then using the right hair products is especially important.

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