Smooth Talking From Azzuro Hair Design

Whether your hair is fine, thick, short or long… we all share the same concern: how to achieve silky smooth hair.

Azzuro Hair Design, a premier hair salon in Larnaca has a plan to help you achieve silky luscious hair!

  • Eliminate split ends by having them cut every 6-8 weeks
  • Use Professional salon products to hydrate and nourish the hair
  • Go easy on the chemical treatments- hilights/colours are fine but not when combined with perming and daily blow-drying
  • If you do like your blow-drys invest in a heat protecting spray to minimise damage
  • Finish your blow-dry with a cool blast to smooth the hair and seal the cuticles
  • Invest in a professional shine spray to add gloss and smooth fly-aways
  • Treat your hair to a professional mask – for added effect leave the mask on and cover the head with cling film for 1 hour!
  • Try not to wear your hair in tight pony tails/buns as this causes breakage and stress to the scalp
  • Make sure you are eating the right foods to nourish hair from within- great hair foods include:
  • * Walnuts, Sardines, Cauliflower, Cabbage, Broccoli, Turnip, Avocado & Fish

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