5 Simple Ways To Reinvent Your Look

At Azzuro Hair Design we know that every time the weather changes we will get an influx of calls. Why? Because we love to reinvent ourselves and let’s face it…  hair is a great place to start! Our unisex hairdressing salon in Larnaca sees plenty of girls and guys looking for a new look every winter so how can you do it? Here are 5 simple ways to reinvent your look without spending a fortune!

#1 Play With Your Fringe

side fringeIf you have a fringe then play with the way it is styled. Try pinning it up in a beehive style or swept to one side.

Talk to our team of stylists if you want to grow it into a new shape. If you don’t have a fringe then why not get one?

Our experts can can advise you on the best look for you! Check out this gorgeous fringe as seen on Helena Christensen.

The best news about having a fringe is that Azzuro Hair Design clients get free fringe trims so keeping your perfect new look won’t cost the earth!


#2 Opt For Highlights

caramel slicesHighlights can dramatically change your look and you don’t even need to have a full head!

With highlights starting from just 30 Euros for a quarter head you can completely change your look on a budget.

If you have dark hair then why not try a few strategically placed caramel slices?


#3 Chop It All Off

short styleNow is a great time to get that awesome cut you always wanted. Why? Because your hair is damaged from the summer sun… your colour is growing out and the weather is cooler so you don’t need to tie your hair up every day! What are you waiting for? Get the sleek bob or choppy crop you’ve been dreaming about and start October with the wow factor!

#4 Play With Your Ponytail

ponytailSounds dull right? Actually changing the way you do your ponytail can dramatically change your look! Trace an imaginary line from your cheekbones to the crown of your head. That’s where your elastic should go for the ultimate wow effect and to emphasise your beautiful face shape.

Other things you can try with your ponytail include wrapping hair around the tail, styling the ends to be super smooth or flicked out 70s or perhaps part plaiting  a few strands.

Not got the hair for it? Copy all the models and celebs of the moment and go for a clip in ponytail… just make sure it matches your hair colour!

#5 Reinvent From Within

avocadoDon’t leave it till New Year to reinvent yourself… start now! Truly beautiful hair starts from a great diet which includes plenty of water, natural fatty oils such as those found in tuna and avocado plus of course plenty of lean proteins.

There are also plenty of supplements available to provide you with extra zinc which is great for hair and nails. Add some professional products from our salon and by New Year you will already be a new you!

Feeling inspired to try out a new look? Call Azzuro Hair Design in Oroklini on 24646942 or click here to email our team. Remember consultations are free so what are you waiting for?

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