5 Tips For Model Hair

Models always look great don’t they? At Azzuro Hair Design in Larnaca we are often asked how they get such fabulous hair! Well, serious models are serious about their health and nutrition because they know that it not only influences their body shape but also their hair and skin too. Here are 5 tips for model hair from Azzuro Hair Design.

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Every top model knows the importance of staying hydrated because being dehydrated affects your hair and skin.

Dehydrated hair and skin looks older and does not have the same shine and vitality.

The good news is… it’s easily fixed! Drink at least 2-3 litres of water each day to prevent brittle hair and dry skin.


eat right2. EAT RIGHT

Eating right can really make a real difference to your hair.

Models get the right balance of protein, fatty acids and vitamins to ensure that their hair shines with vitality.

Make sure you eat plenty of oily fish, nuts, oranges and avocados to give your hair a head start!


images (3)3. LAY OFF THE HEAT

Wherever possible, lay off the straightening irons and blowdryer and allow your hair to dry naturally.

This will limit damage and allow hair to grow stonger and shinier.

Always use products which contain heat protection if you are styling and sun protection if you are tanning.

Chat to the Azzuro Hair Design team to find out more.




get plenty of sleep4. MAKE USE OF SLEEP

A good night’s sleep is around 8 hours for most people.

However, models also use their sleeping time wisely with a strict regime of skincare and hair care. Be sure to brush your hair before sleeping and apply some conditioning mask several times per week to aid your hair’s repair.

For silky hair, choose a satin or silk pillow to avoid tangles in the morning!



Models don’t skimp when it comes to skincare and hair care products and neither should you.

Supermarket bought products are often packed with chemical nasties so it is better to avoid applying them to your skin and hair.

Instead look for salon professional products with natural ingredients which will not only make your hair look good from the outside but will also heal hair from the inside.




Of course it goes without saying that models also pay regular visits to their hair salon for professional styling, cutting and colouring. Book an appointment now by clicking here and meeting with one of our stylists.

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