Fifty Shades of Grey … Hair!

Fifty Shades of Grey .. HairIf you haven’t heard of Fifty Shades of Grey, the steamy movie based on the 2015 bestselling book then you might have been living under a rock for the last year! At Azzuro Hair Design, the unisex hairdressing salon in Larnaca we know you know what we are talking about so we thought we would have some fun and talk Fifty Shades of Grey .. Hair! 

Grey hair affects our male and female clients and whilst it is associated with age, it can affect people from any age.. even in their teens. So with that in mind let’s talk about grey hair and bust some myths that we frequently hear in the salon!

Pluck a Grey Hair And Two Grow Back


How many times have we heard this one. pluck a grey hair and two grow back in its place! It’s false though because what you do to one hair won’t make you sprout more greys. What it can do though is damage your hair follicles, sometimes permanently, meaning that you might end up with no hair there at all. If you have to pluck then go easy and don’t pull out clumps of hair!

Stress Gave You Grey Hair


Your children, your divorce, your house move… they can all be very stressful and many Azzuro Hair Design clients attribute grey hairs to such lifestyle stresses. It’s not technically true, although stress can cause temporary hair loss, known as telogen effluvium. This can lead to new hairs growing back with less pigmentation which are more likely to turn grey. So, stress contributes a little bit to grey hair but does not directly cause it.

Smoking Causes Grey Hair


Whilst you can’t really prevent grey hairs from showing themselves you can delay them a little bit through lifestyle changes. Experts say that low B12 levels can cause lessening of hair pigments. B12 is found in eggs, milk, cheese, milk products, meat, fish, shellfish and poultry. Some soy and rice beverages as well as soy based meat substitutes are fortified with vitamin B12. And if you do smoke (which we totally understand) then you should know that there is a link between smoking and greying before you turn 30.

At Azzuro Hair Design we can style your grey hair gorgeous just like our owner and head stylist Nof, AKA the silver fox! Alternatively we can make it all go away with a beautiful new colour… it’s your choice!

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