Suits You… A Hairstyle Guide from Azzuro Hair Design!

At Azzuro Hair Design we know that everyone’s face shape is different and so different hairstyles suit different people. You can have the best hair in the world but if it’s cut into the wrong style for your face shape you will not be making the most of it.

Read our guide to finding the right hairstyle for your face shape:

What’s Your Face Shape?

  • Round: Keep hair flat on the sides – rounded haircuts, such as bobs and curly, short hairstyles, will only make your face look rounder. The aim here is to elongate.
  • Long: Focus on getting volume with hairstyles that have width: bobs, wavy and curly hair, and long fringes all look great with long face shapes. Avoid too long and too straight cuts as it may drag your face down.
  • Oval: Lucky you! Any style suits you. Experiment and see what you like best.
  • Heart: Long and wavy hairstyles look great with this style, which is defined by having a wide forehead and a narrow chin. Also, try to avoid short layers.
  • Square: To soften a square face, opt for softer styles such as wispy fringes, layers and curls. Avoid jaw-length cuts.

Remember that this is just a guide and choosing a hairstyle will also depend on your hair type and lifestyle.


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