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We all love a day at the beach and Azzuro Hair Design is no exception! However intense sunshine, drying sea salt, wind and sand can result in a big fat tangled mess! How can you enjoy a day at the beach without painful tangles, a burnt scalp and frizz?


Azzuro Hair Design have compiled our top 5 ways to have a better hair day at the beach so read on and salvage your hair this summer!

1. Wear a hat or bandana- ok its an obvious solution but it will keep your hair in place and prevent a sunburnt scalp!

2. Apply sunscreen to your parting using a cotton bud to prevent a painfully burnt and flaky scalp.

3. Wet your hair before you go to the beach and coat with conditioner. This will prevent your hair from absorbing sea water and the heat will speed up the conditioning effect!

4. Shower off the seawater wherever possible and apply a professional sunscreen to the hair (available at Azzuro Hair Design)

5. Do not brush tangled hair- use a wide toothed comb with some spray in conditioner to ease tangles. Avoid plaiting your hair before you go to the beach instead tie it in a simple ponytail to avoid a tangle catastrophe!

We have professional products available which are designed to protect your hair whilst at the beach- pop into Azzuro Hair and find out more!

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