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look glamourous on a budgetAt Azzuro Hair Design, the unisex hair dressing salon in Larnaca, we understand the need to provide competitive pricing for our first class services. Our salon has successfully survived the worst recession Cyprus has seen in recent years and one of the reasons was our great pricing. So take a look at the ways you can get great hair on a budget with Azzuro Hair Design!

1. At just 43 euros our half head highlights/ lowlights can completely revamp your look on a budget. If you just want a few highlights to brighten up your colour then we can arrange an even lower price for you. Having a few carefully placed highlights is a great way to extend your colour if you are on a budget. Visit our hair dressing salon in Larnaca for a free consultation!

2. Free fringe trims for Azzuro Hair Design clients mean that your style still looks fresh between cuts. Just pop in to see us and we will freshen up your fringe completely free of charge!

3. Babies get their first haircut free at Azzuro Hair Design! What a great way to make sure your child has a beautiful first cut and to save some money too! We build great relationships with our smallest clients so going to the hairdresser is never a cause for tears!

4. Children’s wet cuts are just 9 euros at Azzuro Hair Design so making sure your family looks fashionable doesn’t have to break the bank! Why not book your whole family in for a new cut and style for winter!

5. At Azzuro Hair Design it is just 35 euros for an all over colour. Whether you fancy red, brunette or a beautiful blonde shade you can change your look on a budget. The great news is that once you have had your colour done it is just 18 euros to get your roots retouched afterwards!

6. Let’s not forget the guys! With stylish men’s cuts at just 14 euros you can be sure you are getting a great price and won’t look like a barber shop victim! The right mens’ haircuts flatter the face and hair type whilst many can knock years off their owners!

7. At Azzuro Hair Design we have a fabulous in house nail technician and with prices starting at just 15 euros for an Express Manicure + polish you can have great hair and nails!

8. With regular competitions and discounts you can always find an extra special bargain price at Azzuro! Just check our offers and competitions page here

Pop in to our salon for a free consultation for you and your family and find out why we are Larnaca’s favourite hair salon!

Contact the salon on +357 24646942 or by clicking here

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