How to keep the bad hair day monster away….

Azzuro Hair Design in Larnaca knows that there are days when you wake up with perfect hair…it’s shiny, it’s silky, everything is perfect. Then there are ‘those’ days, when the bad hair day monster has paid a visit to you in the middle of the night. The most educated and empowered generation of women in history can still be rendered vulnerable by a bad hair day surveys reveal that two-thirds of females aged 15 to 64 will disengage from normal activity if they feel badly about their looks.

So what should you do when you have a bad hair day? Azzuro Hair Design, Larnaca take a look at different hair conditions to help you to beat the bad hair day blues….

Dry Hair

Dry hair lacks the oil and moisture to give it a sheen and softness. As a result, hair will often have a straw-like texture. This is caused by sun, salt, chlorinated water, harsh shampoos, and excessive use of heat and over colouring your hair.

  • To treat this condition visit Azzuro Hair Design every six – eight weeks for a trim.
  • You should follow every shampoo with a deep cream conditioner.
  • Combat dryness with a weekly deep conditioning hair mask or hot-oil treatment.
  • Let your hair dry naturally whenever possible so you can minimize use of hot styling tools and always apply a serum to shield the hair from the heat.
  • Quick Fix: Hide dry frayed ends by pulling hair up into a bun.

Oily Hair

Oily hair sticks together, lies flat, separates and is difficult to style. This is caused by overactive sebaceous glands which produce too much sebum or oil.

  • The best way to deal with oily hair is to shampoo every day with a mild clarifying shampoo- Azzuro Hair Design sells professional products which are always best for your hair.
  •  If you use a conditioner, only apply to the ends rather than the roots.
  • Too much brushing of hair stimulates the oil glands that are already over-active.
  • Quick Fix: Use hair powder or dry shampoo for a dry cleanse and a quick finish!

Frizzy Hair

Frizzy hair usually affects those with naturally curly and/or coarse hair. When the hair becomes dry and damaged, the curls frizz out and eventually become split-ends. Some people simply have naturally frizzy hair, but other causes can be a lack of moisture and protein, environmental elements, over-styling or colouring.

  • To beat the frizz, don’t shampoo every day. Your hair needs the natural oils from the scalp to reduce frizz.
  • It is best to keep your hair well-conditioned with a rich moisturizing product.
  • When blow-drying, use a diffuser/ When straightening use serum and heat protecting products
  • Quick Fix: Curl ends with an iron and be sure to use a silicone-based product on the tips.

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