Top Hair Tips For Blondes

blonde hair tipsBlonde is amazing so whether it’s glossy caramel blonde or striking platinum you need to keep it looking as good as it did when you left our salon.

The problem is that blonde can discolor if it is not properly cared for.

At Azzuro Hair Design we understand hair care so our owner and stylist Nof is going to give you some quick tips to keep your blonde… blonde!




Sunshine produces a natural lightening effect or sun streaked highlights for natural blondes. However, for dyed blonde hair it can be a different story. The elegant dark ash or honey blonde shade you loved so much can be lightened to an unwanted orange shade which then results in another trip to the salon to get it fixed. In this case prevention is definitely better than the cure so be sure that you have the right tools you need for protecting your hair from sun exposure.

We the SFP Protection Range from MUK which conditions hair and smells amazing. If you are down by the beach then wear a hat to protect your colour for longer. Remember that 10 minutes is enough time to lighten your hair a shade so carry a scarf or hat with you during warmer months.

Swimming Pools

Swimming pools can be dangerous places for blondes because of the discoloration to blonde hair! So here’s the problem… chlorine reacts with pigments in the hair and can eventually turn blonde to khaki green… ARGGHHH! Blondes can prevent this by wearing a swimming cap or saturating hair with water before swimming so the hair shaft does not absorb more fluid. If the worst has happened and your hair has gone green you will need to visit Azzuro Hair Design.


Pale shades of blonde, grey and white can be susceptible to discoloration through pollution and other environmental factors. If you live in a city or spend a lot of time around smokers then your hair can take on an undesirable yellow tinge. We love Blonde MUK, the shampoo, conditioner and haircare range which is purple to counteract the yellow.  The best thing with this range is that unlike other blue/purple shampoos and conditioners, it doesn’t leave you looking like you had a blue rinse!

We hope you enjoyed reading our hair tips for blondes, for an appointment with our salon click here

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