Hair Tips for 40+ Men

At Azzuro Hair Design, the popular unisex hair salon in Oroklini Cyprus we see plenty of guys who are worried about hair loss, greying hair and scalp problems which is why we have written this article Hair Tips for 40+ Men.

George rocks his grey hair!Our expert team are professionals in hairdressing and scalp care and we are on hand to offer advice on the best ways to handle these problems which often become more apparent as we age.

If you are a guy over 40 why not read our top three tips for great hair and make sure you pop into the salon for a free consultation with our stylists.

  1. Greying Hair

We know that for many guys grey hairs can really dent self confidence due to their association with aging. However it is also true to say that there are many Hollywoood icons who have made grey hair the trademark of sex appeal! (George Clooney featured in the above picture). Firstly it is important to decide if you want to colour your hair or whether you want to make your grey hair sexy! We advise against colouring your hair at home because it can produce erratic results and often guys will pick a shade that is far too dark for their tone. This results in “boot polish black” hair which looks dyed and shows all grey regrowth. This can be very difficult to grow out and usually draws attention to the problem aging you further. Speak to our team about a natural colour to cover greys.

  1. Baldness

As men age sometimes (not always) the hair can thin out or pattern baldness can occur it certain areas of the scalp leaving an uneven head of hair. This is a negative experience for many guys who react by growing their hair longer or trying to cover the thinning hair. As with the bad hair dye this usually makes the problem more apparent – we have all seen the classic “comb-over” sported by many men around the world! The best thing you can do if this is affecting you is to book an appointment at Azzuro Hair Design where we can advise you of the best haircut to maximise the volume of your hair making you look younger and trendier. This is a very common problem and we successfully transform the look of hundreds of men each year with a great new haircut! PS- Avoid resorting to home clippers because the all over shaved look is not particularly flattering on most men aged 40+!

  1. Scalp Problems

Many guys suffer with a dry flaky scalp which can affect their confidence and spoil their look. At Azzuro Hair Design we know that men have a tendency to try to fix the problem themselves first only visiting the hairdresser or doctor as a last resort! Rest assured, scalp problems are really normal and are rarely dandruff which is a different condition entirely. Stop buying over the counter medicines and supermarket shampoos such as Head and Shoulders which can make the problem worse! Visit our hair salon where we can advise you on the best course of action and offer you stimulating scalp massages with professional treatments to combat the problem.

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