5 Easy Ways To Healthier Hair Now!

hair-1At Azzuro Hair Design in Larnaca we are often asked

“How do I get healthier hair?”

Healthy hair is a combination of factors including the right diet, good habits, great hair products and of course the best hair stylist. Here we take a look at 5 easy ways to healthier hair now!

1. Loosen your Pony Tail!

Sleek ponytails can create too much tension and essentially pull your hair out, especially when you remove the hair elastic and break your hair. The tightness can also cause breakage and split ends.Never tie your hair up at night and if you must wear a pony tail during the day don’t wrap it so tight or use a claw clip instead advises Nof at Azzuro Hair Design.

2. Eat Well!

Ladies with gorgeous hair know that you are what you eat…literally! A balanced diet with raw food, healthy carbs, such as brown rice and whole wheat, fruits, vegetables and nuts will ensure healthy hair from the inside out. Drinking plenty of water hydrates your internal organs, skin, hair and nails whilst excess salt and fried fatty foods can leave you greasy and lacking in volume.

3. Don’t use hot styling tools every day!

Ok we know that at least half of you are addicted to your straightening irons so we won’t try to tell you not to use them. instead keep it to a minimum – eg do you really need to go over and over your hair with the irons? Once should be enough. Do you really need to straighten it at weekends or every day? If you do use a blow dryer and irons then at least use the right protective products. “Choose a product from our professional range such as Tecna Italy” says Andreas, stylist at Azzuro Hair Design. “Coating your hair with the right protective product makes a huge difference in the condition and length of your hair overall”.

4. Get Regular Trims!

We know you have heard this one plenty of times before, but we are telling you again… schedule regular trims! Keeping split ends at bay equals great hair and contributes to strands growing faster, and ultimately, looking healthier. Some of you think that all hairdressers are scissor happy and will carelessly snip off your long locks (some will!) but at Azzuro Hair Design we work with you to achieve your perfect look over time so if you keep up with regular trims your hair will grow longer and be more healthy.

5. Condition Your Hair Before the Pool!

Smart girls protect their hair prior to pool play! Using a thicker conditioner on dry hair before you hop in the pool (or the sea) is essential to prevent damage. This is especially true for blondes whose hair can take on a green tinge from pool chlorine. Your hair shaft can only accommodate so much moisture and therefore conditioned wet hair will not absorb chlorine or salt water which can really damage your hair leaving it dry, brittle and discoloured.

We hope you enjoyed reading 5 Easy Ways To Healthier Hair Now!

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