Mess To Goddess … Tips For Frizzy Hair

Summer is coming and those of you who have naturally curly hair might well be starting to get a bit frizzy! The sun, sea, swimming pools, coastal winds in Larnaca especially can all contribute to an unruly frizzy hair mess. Azzuro Hair Design, a unisex hairdressing salon on the Dhekelia Road offers few tips for frizzy hair to turn you from Mess To Goddess!


A Good Hair Cut

When you visit Azzuro Hair Design we recommend you come with your hair in its natural state so we can assess the challenges. If you arrive at the salon straightened and groomed then it is not always apparent. A good hair cut is essential for controlling frizzy hair because it will prevent split ends and heat damaged frizz which can get out of control especially in the summer months. Go for shoulder length (or slightly longer) and a professionally layered cut which will encourage your hair to be curly and bouncy. One length cuts are more likely to look frizzy and won’t showcase curls.  

Avoid Bleach

Curly hair is more prone to be dry or frizzy so wherever possible Azzuro Hair Design will use a high lift tint on such hair types instead of bleach which dries out the hair. The high lift tints used in our salon can produce the same colour effects as bleach for highlighted hair but will not detract from the shine and condition of your hair. When we do use bleach we are very careful not to overlap because hair that is bleached over and over again is highly prone to be dry, damaged and frizzy.

Condition Your Hair

Make sure you use a good conditioner on your hair every time you wash it and once a week use a deep conditioning mask.  If your hair is curly it’s unlikely to get greasy so you are able to use conditioning products, just make sure you apply from the mid lengths to the ends and not the roots. Azzuro Hair Design has several high quality ranges of products available for frizzy hair types and we can advise you on the best one for you. 

Dry Naturally 

Heat from your hairdryer or straightener can not only damage your hair but also dry it in a way that promotes frizziness. Wherever possible dry your hair naturally without a hair dryer. If you must use a hair dryer then use a cooler setting, angle the dryer downwards towards the ends of your hair to promote a seek finish that does not fluff the hair. Always use heat protection products and a little serum run through the mid lengths to ends of your hair for added condition and shine.

For a free consultation or to enquire about products, please contact Azzuro Hair Design on +357 24646942 or pop into the salon.

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