5 Hair & Beauty Tips For Staying Cool

Summer is here and with it comes the usual hair and beauty problems! At Azzuro Hair Design in Larnaca we know that often the problems arise because you are not adapting your routine for the summer. So read 5 Hair & Beauty Tips For Staying Cool this summer and feel the difference!


  1. Switch Your Skin Care

Your skin requires different care in the summer … especially the long hot summers we have here in Cyprus! Replace your heavy moisturising cleanser and face cream with an oil free cleaner and lotion with SPF. Switch out the heavy matt face powder for a light one and resist the urge to keep powdering your face… you know it will just slide off! Keep some blotting powders in your purse to remove excess shine and use a bronzer on your cheeks.

TIP- Keep moisturisers in the fridge for a cooling effect

  1. Avoid Limp Hair

“In the summer heat many hair types become limp and flat” says Nof at Azzuro Hair Design. “Pump volume into straight or fine hair by using a clarifying shampoo once a week. This removes excess build up and leaves hair fresh and light. Try skipping your daily conditioner and take a break from your blow dryer.  If you have natural waves then now is the time to let your hair dry naturally and lay off the styling.”

TIP- Go for a shampoo with mint or tea tree for a cooling effect.

  1. Use fake tan

We all know that the summer sun can damage our skin and hair so why not fake it this summer? A tinted moisturizer can provide colour for the body whilst a bronzing powder will add a summer glow to your cheeks, nose and chest! Combine some light bronzing with some gorgeous summer highlights at Azzuro Hair Design and you will be sun kissed without the sun damage! Combine these with some bright white clothing pieces and you really will look like you spent the day tanning!

TIP – Don’t overdo the bronze- you want sun kissed not oompa lumpa!

  1. Lay off the beach makeup

If you have been to Mackenzie beach in the summer you will see that a day out at the beach has become an opportunity to wear heels, jewelry and makeup. A tinted moisturizer and lip balm or gloss is absolutely fine for the beach and will look fresh without clogging your skin. Full makeup including mascara, eye shadow and blusher not only looks crazy but also clogs your skin leaving you with open pores and summer spots… ewwwwww

TIP- Go for sheer colours that reflect the light and compliment your tan

  1. Don’t neglect your feet

Summer feet can either look really gorgeous or really gross! If you have been hiding your toes in boots all winter then they may need some attention before they are fit to be seen in flipflops! Book in for a pedicure with Azzuro Hair Design’s in-house technician Marina before you hit the beach. Marina can remove hard skin on your heels, file toenails, moisturize those dry paws and get your toenails painted in your favourite summer shades!

TIP- Gel nails can last up to one month without  chipping- try them now!

For more beauty tips check out our other blog articles and to book an appointment with Azzuro Hair Design in Larnaca for hair or nails please click here:

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