Hair Salon Etiquette – Your Questions Answered

hair salon etiquetteHair Salon Etiquette … what is it? Well it’s a two way set of behaviours between you and your hair stylist that make your trip a mutually positive experience.

At Azzuro Hair Design in Oroklini we have have had some fun experiences so we prepared this article Hair Salon Etiquette – Your Questions Answered to let you know what’s good and what isn’t!

Our topics have been compiled from a mixture of experience and commonly asked questions. Ready? Let’s go!

Q. Is It Compulsory To Tip Your Hair Stylist?

A. No, it is not compulsory to tip at Azzuro Hair Design but many of our clients do. Just as you would tip at a restaurant for an excellent meal or great service, so clients will tip for an enjoyable salon visit and a great new haircut. Unlike other salons however, our stylists won’t make you feel bad if you don’t!

Q. Can I bring my children to your hair salon?

 A. Yes children are welcome! Azzuro Hair Design provides a TV area complete with kids books, comfy sofas and dvds. Remember though that the salon is a dangerous place for wild children with chemicals, glass counters, wires and sharp instruments. The equipment in most salons is also expensive with professional scissors costing up to $1000 for example so it’s a good idea to plan ahead for your appointment.

Q. Is it ok to be late for an appointment?

A. Yes it’s ok, everyone runs late for something at some point so it is normal to expect that from time to time you might be late for a hair appointment. That said, it is essential that you call your stylist if you will be later than 10 minutes so that they can either reshuffle their appointment schedule or move your appointment to another time. Busy hairdressing salons such as Azzuro Hair Design will have carefully juggled appointments throughout the day with precise timings in some cases so it is important to be transparent.

Q. Is it ok to talk on your mobile?

A. No not really! We can’t speak for other salons here but we prefer that our clients don’t speak on their phones when their hair is actually being tended to by a stylist. This is not because we mind you speaking to someone else but because you will tilt your head, press your phone against your hair and move about! All these things can make it difficult for a stylist to give you a great cut! Of course you are welcome to chat on the phone while your colour is taking.

Q. Should you say something if you don’t like your hair?

A. Yes absolutely and definitely you should say something! It is very rare that a client will dislike their hair colour or haircut but of course it happens occasionally. At Azzuro Hair Design we like to sit with clients before a new colour or cut to discuss it in detail to avoid sadness later! If, however you are not happy then we want to know and we want to fix it. Don’t be embarrassed just tell us!

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