3 Hair Styles To Make You Look Thinner

At Azzuro Hair Design in Larnaca we think you look great as you are… no diets… no messing about! However, with so many of our clients embarking on healthy eating plans and diets, we thought we would let you know that there are actually 3 hairstyles to make you look thinner. That’s right … thinner! No exercise, no salad… just fabulous slimming hair! Let’s take a look:

Long Layers

If you want to slim your face then long layers are the way  forward. Long layers lengthen the face and detract from round or dare we say it… chubby cheeks!

Avoid choppy blunt lengths which can addparty-hair weight to your face and especially avoid layers that sit mid way down the face.

Make sure your hair is smooth too because frizz adds volume and unwanted attention!

Take a look at our styling products to achieve the perfect smooth look flick!

Ask your Azzuro Hair Design stylist to add strategically placed hi or low lights to add depth in all the right places.

Soft Waves

slimming hairLong, softly styled waves will make your face look slimmer and won’t add width like the bigger, more bouffant curls.

The most important thing here is to make sure your curls are sleek and smooth with the curl starting towards the ends-  chat to your Azzuro Hair Design stylist for tips.

Notice the model’s hair colour is very subtley contoured. Avoid block colour and especially dark roots if you want to slim your face!

Top Knots

Adding height to your face will instantly slim it so think top knot, ponytail and even a little beehive.

The aim is to lengthen your face so if your hair is long you can pull a few wispy bits out to soften the look.

Oversized hair accessories, earrings, bags and necklaces can also make you look smaller than you are!

More Hair Styles To Make You Look Thin

  • Side Partings
  • Long Straight Bobs
  • Darker Blondes
  • Large Hair Accessories
  • Layered Ends

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