The Truth About That Photo You Brought In At Azzuro Hair

IMG_5503At Azzuro Hair Design in Larnaca we get a lot of clients walking through our doors clutching a photo and searching for their dream hairstyle. You know… that perfect hairstyle that will knock years off you, make you look thinner or look as though you just stepped out of the pages of a magazine. At Azzuro Hair we believe that there is a perfect style for everyone but it might be a little bit different from the way you think it is!

Here are three reasons why the style you think is perfect for you might not be!

1. Her hairstyle took hours…

You brought a photo into the salon with you which is great. It shows our stylist the cut or colour you are aiming to achieve. However, take into consideration the hours and hours of styling it has taken to achieve that look…. are you going to do that? At Azzuro Hair Design we have many years of fashion and catwalk experience and we know all the tricks used by magazines. It comes down to hours of styling, numerous products, lighting and nowadays a lot of photoshopping!

2. Her colour won’t suit you…

When it comes to the perfect colour there is a balance between the colour you want and whether it will suit you. If you have dark features and you have decided that you want platinum blonde hair then we need to sit and talk it through carefully. Your regrowth would be quick and noticeable plus your hair may be damaged by excessive bleaching losing its shine and volume very quickly. There is always a compromise which suits our clients and ensures that they have great hair – not just when they leave our salon but all the time!

3. Be An Original not A Copy!

At Azzuro Hair Design we believe that original is best which is why we are able to take your ideal colour or style and make it your own. Do you really want to look lke everyone else chasing a trend or copying a celebrity? Our stylist will offer you a free consultation where we consider your face shape, features, lifestyle and other factors so we can craft an original style or col9ur just for you!

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