What Not to do on a Bad Hair Day!

Bad hair days…  we have all had one at some point and for most of us they come every week! Whatever your situation here is Azzuro Hair Design’s answers to what not to do on a bad hair day!



Ever had one of those days when you wake up and your hair is one big tangled ball? You wonder if someone came in during the night and tied knots in it? The worst thing you can do for tangles is to get impatient and try to pull them all out. If your hair is dry try applying some spray in conditioner to the midlengths and ends. Then take a wide toothed comb and gently tease the hair from the ends slowly working upwards to remove the tangle. Avoid tangles by using a deep conditioning mask once a week, brushing your hair before bed and making sure your split ends and kept trimmed.

Greasy Hair

Sometimes hair gets greasy for no apparent reason even when it’s freshly washed and of course the med heat doesn’t help! If you are prone to greasy hair make sure your shampoo is not too heavy and keep the products to a minimum and just on the ends of the hair. However if you are in a rush and your hair has decided to be greasy then apply a light sprinkling of baby powder to your hands and ruffle through the roots to absorb the excess grease. After you have done that try to avoid playing about with your hair too much. Tie it up and leave it alone! The worst thing you can do is continue to mess about with it- the heat from your hands will add to the grease and any additional products are just extra grease!


At Azzuro Hair Design we know that a lot of you suffer from frizzy hair which can make it very difficult to style your hair. One of the causes of frizz is damp hair and often this is caused by inadequate blowdrying. When you dry your hair it should be dried completely so it is soft to the touch without any damp areas. Trying to style damp hair will be a nightmare and will inevitably result in a lot of frizz regardless of straightening! If your hair has got frizzy while you are styling try blasting it for 2 minutes with a cold setting on your hairdryer. Angle the dryer downwards to smooth the follicles and then start again. Contact the salon for a good anti frizz spray.

Everything’s Wrong!

Ever had one of those days where it’s all wrong? Your hair is greasy, frizzy, tangled and won’t do anything you want it to? Don’t worry it’s completely normal from time to time. This is where we recommend having a stash of pretty head scarves, hats and accessories. Cover it all up, step out happy and don’t worry about it. If these types of hair days occur regularly then you should pop into our Cyprus hair salon for a free consultation… it could be that your style, products or colour needs an adjustment and that is something we can definitely help you with!

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