Must Have Hair Products For Gym Junkies

Working out is not a glamorous business for your hair and that’s a fact! Sweat, tangles, grease and frizz all stop our hair from looking great. At Azzuro Hair Design the unisex hair salon in Larnaca we are going to talk about must have hair products for gym junkies… ready… TRAIN!

gym1. Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is an absolute must for gym junkies because it absorbs grease at the roots without you actually washing your hair. This means gym to office or gym to dinner just got a whole lot nicer! We love Osis “Dust It” mattifying powder from Schwarzkopf or even Batiste if you’re on a budget. Easy to slip into your gym bag, this product removes oil at the roots without leaving a powdery residue on the hair. Simply shake on a small amount and brush through… wow… clean shiny hair without the wash.

2. A Proper Headband

If you work out in your lunch break then you will know the pain of returning to the office with terrible hair. Sweat on your brow and the nape of your neck equals greasy looking, flat hair for the rest of the day… yuck! To combat this, invest in a good headband for your workout like the Nike Central Training Headband. The specially designed sweat wicking fabric keeps you dry and comfortable and holds your hair securely back for your workout. Plus it comes in a range of colours and styles so it’s a cute workout accessory

3. 3in1 Products

Want to hit the shower and get everything done in one hit? We love American Crew’s 3 in One body wash, shampoo and conditioner which does just that. With refreshing sage and mint leaf extract, the 3 in 1 invigorates the body and scalp whilst also conditioning, detangling and adding shine. Great for guys and girls, your skin is left clean and soft  and hair is left shiny.

4. Repairing Leave In

If your gym session involves a swim then you need to invest in a good leave in treatment to repair your hair. After swimming, use a good chlorine removing shampoo to avoid damage and colour change and then follow up with a leave in treatment. If your gym has a steam room, then apply the product to your hair before you hop in- you will really feel the benefits.

We hope you enjoyed reading 5 Must Have Products For Gym Junkies… Which is your favourite?

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