The Pros & Cons of Growing A Beard

pros and cons of a beardAt Azzuro Hair Design, the unisex hairdressing salon in Larnaca we get asked this question each week…  Should I Grow A Beard?

Ok so it is just the boys asking us this one which can only mean one thing… an article for the boys! The pros and cons of growing a beard !

Anyone can grow a beard but whether it will look good will depend on your face shape, hair type and grooming habits. so let’s take a look and you can make up your own mind!


PRO – It’s Warm

In the cold winter month a nice fluffy beard can keep your face nice and warm and protect your skin from the elements. Guys who suffer from chapped or dry skin may benefit especially.

PRO- Look Older

Maybe you want to look older or maybe you don’t but either way a beard usually does that! If you’re tired of being told you have a baby then prove them wrong by growing a big fat man beard!

PRO- Style

Beards are just so cool right now- in fact they have been for several years now. Whatever your face shape, hair colour or style there’s a beard shape to suit you. Go for a bit of designer stubble, a goatee, slick razor line beard or a full and fluffy number- it’s up to you!

CON – Maintenance & Cost

Grooming and maintaining a beard  takes time and cost.  To keep your beard tidy you will need to invest in some beard trimmers and a few styling products too. Basically, those of you who can’t be bothered to style your hair probably shouldn’t grow a beard.

CON- Growing It

Oh it’s tedious we won’t lie to you! We are talking now about those painful months it will probably take you to grow the beard in the first place. In fact you will question everything during the first 4 weeks mainly because your sad little beard will not be the one of your dreams! You will analyse and scrutinize everything and many of you will shave it off before it reaches maturity!

growing your beard

CON- Beard Colour

Why am I growing a ginger beard? Why is my beard grey? My beard doesn’t match my hair? Yep, all normal questions! If you are colouring your hair then you might want to do your beard as well. Azzuro Hair can style and colour your facial hair but whatever you do… don’t colour it yourself!

CON- Your Job

Sure, most companies don’t mind if you grow yourself a little facial fur but some will. Jobs in the health industry or food preparation services may ask you to shave it off or keep it covered. However generally you should be ok if you keep it trimmed and tidy.As long as you keep your beard clean and trimmed then most organisations won’t mind their employees having one.

growing a beard

Beard Growing Steps

  • Don’t worry about what other people think
  • Stop shaving completely for 4 weeks- no trimming … nothing!
  • Week 3? Don’t start shaping or sculpting too early – be patient!
  • Visit Azzuro Hair Design for your beard shaping
  • As with eyebrows- never take from the top. It’s not ideal to shave your cheeks unless your beard is starting right under your eyes!
  • The early weeks can be a bit itchy but you can just add a little moisturiser each day until this passes- and it will
  • Most beards take 6 weeks to fully grow so you need to be persistent
  • Keep your beard trimmed, clean and conditioned for the ultimate wow factor

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