10 Celebrity Hairdressing Tips You Can’t Miss

hairdressing tipsAt Azzuro Hair Design in Oroklini we love hairdressing tips and we think you do too! Here we have compiled the top 10 celebrity hairdressing tips you can’t miss to save you time, improve your hair care routine, look after your colour and get fabulous hair!

These tips have been compiled by top international hairdressers such as Philip Kingsley, Josh Wood, Michael Van Clarke and George Northwood.


‘A mini daily scalp massage is great for hair; spend two minutes gently kneading the scalp to improve blood flow as a healthy scalp = healthy hair.’Philip Kingsley


‘Throw away your dryer nozzle, you don’t need it plus it can lead to excessive damage.’ Michael Van Clarke


‘Always have a consultation before you have your colour done. Take in tear sheets of hair colour that you like and also the colour you don’t want – aim to take five you love, five you hate.’ Josh Wood


‘If you love your colour – take a lot of pictures so your hairdresser will remember on the next appointment.’Josh Wood


‘Just as you select your moisturiser to suit your skin type, you should select the right kinds of styling products for your hair to look its best.’ Harry Josh


‘For a great DIY blowdry, rough dry your hair to about 90% and then for the last 10% only, dry the hair with a brush for a smooth finish.’George Northwood


‘For an instant grey/root cover up, blend powder eye shadow into hair and hold in place with hairspray for a quick fix until you can see your colourist.’Nicola Clarke


‘Hot or warm hair can be molded into any shape or style; to create perfect waves at home, simply twist hair up into a tight bun straight after blow-drying and leave to cool for as long as possible. Let it down once cool and you’ll have natural waves with no effort!’Sarah Louise


‘Rubbing hair with a towel is one of the most damaging things. After that it’s over-heating the hair with driers, curling wands and straightening irons.’Nick Irwin


‘With a new colour you need to be fully aware of what you are committing to – if you want to go very blonde you can’t use straighteners every day, also how often will your roots need doing?’ Josh Wood

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