What Your Stylist Really Wants To Tell You!

hair-stylist-secrets-2At Azzuro Hair Design we are pretty honest with our clients but just in case you are not yet an Azzuro Hair Design client… Here’s what your stylist really wants to tell you!


1. Bring photos. When a client describes their ideal hair style as “choppy and flicky” this could mean a lot of different things to different stylists. If you are going for a new hairstyle it’s always best to bring a photo. Although when you do please remember we cannot make you look like the woman/man in the photo nor can we alter your natural hair type!

2. There is no such thing as a “get up and go hairstyle”  Ok there is but only if you don’t care what you look like or you are going for the “slept in a hedge look!” Let’s be clear… nobody wakes up with perfect hair and just leaves the house like that. Every style and colour requires styling and care to keep it looking great. And the models in the magazines with the shiny perfect hair… where shall we start? Oh that’s right let’s start with photoshop!

3. Celebrities Have Stylists Before you compare your hair with Cheryl or Beyonce take a moment to remember that they have stylists and unlimited products at their disposal. They also wear extensions, hair pieces and sometimes wigs to ensure that their hairstyle is always perfect and glossy.Yes we can give you gorgeous layers, we can angle your bob, but unfortunately we will not be in your bathroom for an hour every morning… unless you pay us. Or give us cake!

4. Dirty Hair = 1 – 2 Days Old!. ”Yes it’s true that for highlights with foils as we use at Azzuro Hair Design it is easiest if your hair isn’t freshly washed as it is harder to keep the packets in place. That said, when we say “don’t come with freshly washed hair” we also don’t mean “don’t wash your hair for a week before your appointment”! Dirty hair isn’t the best for taking colour and we don’t really want to sort through your filthy locks! 1-2 days unwashed is perfect!

5. If your stylist says that your request is going to fry your hair, listen. ”We sometimes have new clients with very damaged fragile hair arrive at the salon demanding all over bleach. We will explain that we can offer high lift tint which is a lot kinder to the hair but no they want bleach. We explain that half their hair will probably fall out but still they want bleach. We then refuse to do it, they go to another salon, get it done and half their hair falls out. The next day they are back at Azzuro Hair Design asking us to fix their ruined hair. Moral of the story… we don’t tell you that you can’t have something to be mean. We say it because we are professionals and we know hair.

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