3 Summer Hair Fixes

 3 summer hair fixes

Sun, wind, sea, chlorine… arrrggghhhhhh! The Cyprus summer can play havoc with your hair turning the silkiest mane into a wild, frizzy, untamed mess! Let’s get ready for summer with Azzuro Hair Design’s 3 Summer Hair Fixes from stylist and owner Nof: 

1. Look for the words “hydrating” and “moisturising”

The sun, sea and wind dehydrate your hair and so you need to look for hydrating and moisturising products to help replace the lost moisture. At Azzuro Hair Design we stock a range of professional shampoos and conditioners designed to rehydrate your hair and keep it looking FAB! “Use an everyday moisturising conditioner, then use an intensive conditioner once per week on the mid lengths to ends” says Nof. You don’t treat your skin the same in the summer so don’t treat your hair the same either. Put those harsh “cleansing” shampoos to one side for now!

Azzuro tip: Apply your conditioner to wet hair whilst you are sunbathing for added moisture and protection. Try one of our great Techna Hair Conditioners!

2. Go for a cooling mint massage

At Azzuro Hair Design in Oroklini we are known for our cooling mint massage. The mint massage is a deep conditioning treatment which is applied by our stylist and left on the hair so all the goodness is absorbed. The mask is then massaged for ten minutes to improve your circulation, condition your hair and ultimately give you a cooling tingle from head to toe!

Azzuro tip: For blissed out summer hair contact the salon to book a cooling mint massage and if you love it why not book in for a course? Read more about our mint massages

3. Don’t forget the sunscreen .. for your hair

You know your hair can burn right? Not just your scalp but your hair too! Burnt hair can become very damaged and if your hair is already coloured you might find that it turns a different (and not necessarily better) colour! So here are your options… 1) wear a hat or hair scarf 2) stay indoors or in the shade 3) apply a hair sunscreen or 4) BURN!!! Nof says “A professional sunscreen for your hair will last all summer as you just need a few sprays each time. Protect your scalp and hair with one of our intensive protection sprays.”

Azzuro tip: Purchase a sunscreen for your hair at Azzuro Hair Design and apply actual sunscreen to your scalp using a cotton bud to prevent flaking.

For a personalised consultation with the experts at Azzuro Hair Design call us on +357 24646942 or click here to book online.

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