Why Does My Hair Colour Change?

hair colourHere at Azzuro Hair Design in Cyprus one of the questions we are frequently asked is Why Does My Hair Colour Change?

Whether you have highlights, lowlights or an all over colour there are reasons why your hair colour might change over time.Here are the top ones and how you can prevent colour change:


We love the Cyprus sunshine don’t we? There is nothing better than enjoying a frappe in the sun with friends but did you know that the sun changes your hair colour? In some cases a little sun lightening can look great especially on mousy or brown hair which gains some natural streaks. However on darker dyed hair the sun can produce an unwanted lightening effect leaving your colour orangey or red.

Fix– Use a sun protection spray on freshly washed hair to protect your colour and hair condition. Ask Azzuro Hair Design for details.

Your Shampoo

Cheaper shampoos often wash your hair by stripping it. This is great if your hair is really dirty but everyday use means they will strip your colour too. Most of us don’t need such harsh chemicals in our shampoo so it is better to use a more natural solution that cleans without stripping out your colour.

Fix- Ask Azzuro Hair Design about colour protecting hair shampoos and conditioners to make your colour last longer.


Swimming in the pool can not only fade but discolour your hair considerably if you are not protecting it. Those long summer days lounging in your pool are great but your hair is soaking up the chlorine which causes damage and discoloration.

Fix – Make sure your hair is soaking wet and apply conditioner before you get into the pool as your hair shaft will then absorb very little pool water. Even better clip your hair up!

The Dye

If you are having your colour done at Azzuro Hair Design you can be sure it will last as long as possible due to the professional colours we use but if you are colouring at home it could be a different story. We see many home hair dye disasters but at best the result is swift fading and discoloration due to the quality of the products and a possible adverse reaction to your existing hair colour.

Fix- Visit the salon- For under 30 euros you can get a great new colour!

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