5 Money Saving Beauty Tips

money saving beautyWe want to look beautiful but we still want to do it on a budget! Beauty products can be so expensive and it can be tough trying to stay on top of your finances.

Luckily Azzuro Hair Design brings you 5 money saving beauty tips to keep you going!

#1 Extend Your Mascara Life

Add eye drops to your mascara to make it last longer! When your mascara starts to dry out simply add a few of your eye drops (Optrex etc) replace the wand and use. The fluid will instantly liquify your mascara giving you an extra month or so of usage!

#2 Stop Nail Polish Drying Out

If your favourite nail polish looks like it is getting lumpy and drying out just add a few drops of nail polish remover. Sounds strange right? but a few drops will stop it from drying out and enable you to use it for longer!

#3 Use Less Conditioner

A good quality conditioner, like the ones provided by Azzuro Hair Design, will last you a long time as you can use them sparingly. A small blob (50 pence size) will do just fine. Remember you do not need to add conditioner to the roots… just the mid lengths and ends.

#4 Free Fringe Trims At Azzuro

Azzuro Hair Design clients are eligible for free fringe trims! Whilst most salons will charge for this service we want our clients to look great between haircuts and mostly we don’t want them to cut their own fringes! Save money by grabbing your free fringe trim!

#5 Keep Your Face Cream In The Fridge

Keep your face cream, eye liner and lip liner in the fridge to keep them lasting longer! When you sharpen a soft eye pencil you will often waste half of it. Keeping pencils hard and creams fluid in the fridge will save you money over time. Plus in the summer the cream will feel great on your hot face!

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