3 Beauty Disasters and How To Fix Them Fast!

At Azzuro Hair Design in Oroklini we understand hair and beauty and we know that there is no such thing as perfect hair and skin every day! At times we all have bad hair days, bad skin days and generally bad beauty days and then of course there are the beauty emergencies! So read 3 Beauty Disasters and How To Fix Them Fast and keep smiling… it will all be alright!

3 beauty disasters


Ok we all know that frizzy hair needs long term care such as regular trims, deep conditioning and good straighteners. That’s fine but how about when you have to go out, it’s gone wild and you don’t have time to straighten it?


You’re in a hurry and your hair is a ball of frizz… simply grab a conditioner from the bathroom and apply a small amount to your hands rubbing them to ensure an even distribution. Smooth through the mid lengths to ends of your hair – not the roots and gently comb through. The conditioner should tame the frizz in your hair and return your locks to their smoother glory.


Whether it’s one mini-volcano on your chin or a breakout on your forehead, spots are a beauty disaster that no one enjoys. As with your hair, your skin needs long term care and proper nutrition to remain in good condition however there’s no time for all that now so what do you do?


Firstly, if the spot area is swollen then apply an ice pack for 15 minutes to reduce the swelling. Thoroughly cleanse your skin… do not squeeze the spot! After cleansing pat your skin dry, take a green tinted concealer and dab around the spot to neutralise redness, allow this to dry and gently apply powder over the top. Avoid further touching the area because the heat and oils from your fingers will certainly rub off the concealer and make the spot worse!


If your application of fake tan has left you looking like an orange zebra then relax it’s fixable! As we are in Cyprus you might want to take a dip in a pool because chlorine fades the fake tan fairly quickly. You could also use a body exfoliator but this will not be effective on day one.


Firstly, exfoliate the streaky area – gently you don’t want to damage your skin. Next apply lemon juice to the streaky area so that the citric acid in the lemon can lighten or remove the streaks. If the streaks are on your face then you should mix a few drops of lemon juice with your regular cleanser and apply using a cotton pad.

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