5 Signs You Need A New Hairstyle

At Azzuro Hair Design in Larnaca we know how easy it can be to get stuck in a comfort zone! Your favourite comfy jeans, that hoody with the holes in it… we get it- but what about your hair?  Here’s 5 signs you need a new hairstyle and fast!

1.You Always Wear A Ponytail


Remember in Mean Girls when the rule was a ponytail once a week? How often are you wearing your hair up? If you feel your hair does not look nice loose, has grown out or has no style then it’s time to get yourself down to our salon and get a haircut you really want to show off!

2. You Lost Weight


Physical changes like weight loss, weight gain or a change in style can alter the way your hairstyle looks on you. That gorgeous bob that used to suit you just doesn’t anymore. Let go of the past and embrace the new you with a new colour or style at Azzuro Hair Design.

3. You Want To Reinvent Yourself

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Perhaps you just went through a divorce, a house move or a big life change? A fresh new hair colour or style could be just the thing you need providing it is done by professionals and makes you feel great!  New makeup, new wardrobe and new hair… book that appointment now!

4. Nobody Compliments Your Hair Anymore

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No we don’t live for compliments but they are still nice right? When was the last time someone told you your hair looked great or asked where you got it coloured or cut? Boost your ego with a new style and the compliments will come flooding in.

5. You’re Stuck In The Past

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We’ve all done it… hung onto that Rachel haircut a little too long or the colour you had since you were 18?! Our body, skin, attitude and lifestyle changes so why not your hair too. Hanging on to a dated style can make you seem dated and it’s unnecessary when it’s so easily fixed! Talk Nof and the Azzuro Hair Design stylists about bringing your look up to date.

We hope you enjoyed reading 5 Signs you need a new hairstyle! Remember sharing is caring so share our post and click here to book your free Azzuro Hair Design consultation.

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