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azzurohairdesignspringflingThe sun is out, the birds are singing and soon the Cyprus flowers and butterflies will be back. So what better time than to talk about spring fling hair at Azzuro Hair Design!

The international catwalks have been filled with braids and flowers and it looks like this spring fling trend is set to continue through summer 2017. There are a number of ways you can rock the spring fling look and here are Azzuro Hair Design’s top three!

azzurohairdesign garland1. Flower Garlands 

This simple accessory can be worn on any length hair with any style and instantly adds freshness to your look. Use it to keep short hair from your face or with long loose curls. Choose a neutral cream or pale pink colour to avoid looking childish and to compliment your outfit.

french plait at azzuro2. Pleated Flowers

Add a wow factor to your french plait by adding some flower strands into the plait. The ends of the plait can be twisted into a bun with the flowers for a sweet and fresh daytime look. The perfect thing about a french plait is that it will give you the perfect waves when you take your hair down in the evening!

azzuro butterly-hair-pin3. A Butterfly Pleat

Not keen on flowers? Try a few elegant butterfly pins instead! Avoid bright plastic pins and instead choose several plan silk butterflies in pale colours. Pleat your hair as you would normally and secure in place then add two or three butterflies. The key to this look is not to overdo it but to add a unique sophistication to your hairstyle.

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