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We all know that feeling… we rolled into bed at 3am wearing our makeup, our hair styled and perhaps still fully clothed and drift into a deep sleep. But then… the horror… we have woken up looking like Frankenstein’s monster and don’t have time to sit around all day watching our favourite series and wallowing in self pity.

How can you reverse the effects of all those vodka shots you drank last night? Read Azzuro Hair Design Hangover Beauty Tips and you’ll be ready to dazzle again!

azsueo hair design hangover beauty tips

1. Prevention is better than cure!

First it’s important to have at least one glass of water before bed to prevent dehydration, wash your makeup off and sleep with your head propped up on an extra pillow to avoid eye puffiness! An aspirin before bed can also prevent puffiness (check with your doctor if you are not sure)

2. Bye Bye Puffy Eyes!

Nothing screams hangover more than puffy tired eyes so you want to fix these first. A chilled spoon pressed lightly under your eyes will restrict blood vessels and reduce puffiness. This also works well with cucumber slices or chilled potato slices for reddened cheeks. Do this for ten minutes and you should feel and look much fresher!

3. Hydrate Yourself!

Alcohol dehydrates everything including your hair and skin so your mission is to rehydrate! Drink several pints of water, eat fresh fruits such as pomegranate which are great for your skin and have a cup of hot lemon to detox. Another great trick is to make your own face spritzer using water and an essential oil such as rose… pop your bottle in the fridge and spritz your face and neck- it will feel great!

4. Freshen Your Hair!

Ideally you should be showering and washing your hair to really feel refreshed but if you don’t have time you need other ways to freshen your hair which might be smelling like an ashtray in the morning! Use a dry hair shampoo to eliminate oils at the roots and brush through to the ends for a fresh look. If you have a tumble dryer sheet you can rub this over the mid to ends of your hair to make it smell fresh and feel shiny and soft.

5. Makeup Can Work Magic!

You might want to apply your makeup slightly differently when you are hungover because your skin is not its normal self! Use a green tinted concealer to tone down the red on your cheeks and nose and avoid piling on concealer around the eye area which can emphasise lines and puffiness. Use a white eye pencil in the edges of your eyes to widen them and a lengthening mascara to open up your eyes.

6. The Facelift Hairstyle!

Wearing your hair flat when you are hungover can leave you looking limp and will emphasise your tiredness. Instead sweep half your hair up in a bardot style leaving the lower lengths loose. This acts as a natural facelift lengthening the face, lifting the brow and making you look more alive!

We hope our hangover beauty tips help you to face the world with a smile. If all else fails pop your pyjamas back on, cancel your plans and book yourself in at Larnaca’s favourite hair salon for a revitalising head massage and styling!

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