Look Younger in One Week!

Look younger in one weekAt Azzuro Hair Design we all want to look younger, apart from our owner and stylist who is currently embracing his grey beard! When we think about looking younger in terms of beauty we always think of cosmetic surgery but did you know you can look younger in one week without the surgery? Here’s how!


#1 Look Younger – Drink More Water

Having dehydrated skin is really aging and if you are not drinking enough water your lines may be showing more than they need to! Up your water intake for a week and your skin will feel softer, more filled out and with a better tone. If your alcohol intake is high try to cut down a bit!

#2 Look Younger Change Your Hair Colour

The wrong hair colour can be really aging and at Azzuro Hair Design we frequently see the years come off our clients following a recolour! If your hair colour is too light or too dark for your skin tone then you are adding years that don’t need to be there. Opt for soft and natural tones which work with your skin colour and not against it!

#3  Look Younger Get A New Hairstyle

Just like your hair colour, your hairstyle can add or take off years! If your hair is long and lifeless for example then it can add years to your face where a shorter , bouncier style will look vibrant and healthy. Azzuro Hair Design offers free consultations so you can find out what suits you!

#4 Look Younger Wear Less Makeup

Crazy right? Makeup makes us more beautiful surely? Well yes but too much makeup emphasises lines on your face and ages you. Plus your aim should be to work with your features and not try to cover them up. If you don’t need to wear foundation then skip it and simply dust your face with loose powder. Don’t add lip liner if you have fine lines around your mouth- just use a tinted gloss.

#5 Look Younger Smile More

Nothing ages a face like frown lines across the forehead and constantly frowning makes you appear older. We don’t mean that you have to walk around grinning like the joker but a beautiful smile is always youthful and attractive!

We hope you enjoyed our tips to look younger in one week. For an appointment or consultation please click here or call us on +357 24646942.

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