Azzuro Hair Design- Against Animal Testing Forever

Azzuro Hair Design a unisex hairdressers in Oroklini, Cyprus believes that it is wrong to test products on animals.

This is why we have always been and will continue to remain cruelty free using and promoting only products which are ethically sound and do not cause suffering to our furry friends.

We encourage our clients to look at the picture below which shows some of the companies who test their products on laboratory animals…

Beware of companies who market under different names such as Loreal (an animal testing company) who own over 500 sub companies including Kerastase, Garnier, Vichy and Redken.

Testing of cosmetics on animals is banned in the Netherlands, Belgium, and the United Kingdom, and in 2002, after 13 years of discussion, the European Union agreed to phase in a near-total ban on the sale of animal-tested cosmetics throughout the EU from 2009, and to ban all cosmetics-related animal testing.However, cosmetics tested on animals outside the EU are still imported and sold throughout the world.

Visit this link for the definitive list of animal friendly products

Azzuro Hair Design has four professional product ranges all of which are animal friendly and produce superb results. For more information or to book an appointment please CLICK HERE


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