Does Your Hair Have The X Factor?

2013-X-Factor-logoWe are all fairly addicted to the X Factor on television so at Azzuro Hair Design in Larnaca we were wondering … does your hair have the X Factor too? The X Factor when it comes to hair is the thing that turns heads as you walk down the street, the quality that makes your friends ask how you got such great hair and most importantly the reason you feel good about your hair.

X Factor Shine

If your hair has X Factor shine then certainly you will be turning heads because the eye is drawn to shiny objects and the hair is no exception. If your hair is darker (even dark blonde) it is easier to get a good shine depending on your diet, hair style and the way you care for your hair.

Shine Tip– Always finish your conditioning treatment with a cold water rinse and apply shine product to dry hair on the mid lengths to ends never the roots.

X Factor Volume

We love bouncy voluptuous hair and can’t help but stare when we see it. X Factor Volume can be achieved in all hair types through care and styling and will really get you noticed.

Volume Tip – Use a volumising shampoo and be sure not to weigh your hair down with too much product. Just like baking a light and fluffy cake you want to encourage the air from your blowdryer and brush to create bounce and height. Ask your Azzuro Hair Design stylist to show you how!

X Factor Colour

Anyone can have X Factor hair colour but it is important to leave it to the experts and not to attempt it at home. Hair Colour is art combined with science and we make sure that your hair colour suits your skin tone and hair type. Whether it is pillar box red or ash blonde Azzuro Hair Design can give you an X Factor colour!

Colour Tip – Caring for your hair colour is just as important as getting it right in the first place. Ensure that you use a shampoo that does not strip your colour and care for your hair with colour appropriate styling products.

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