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Ok admit it- you forgot to get your partner a Valentines gift didn’t you? Now you are rushing around frantically looking for something that doesn’t scream “I FORGOT”!!! Chocolates wont be appreciated because everyone is on a diet these days and flowers are so expensive (when did red roses become a rare commodity?!) and jewellery… well its only valentines day isn’t it!

So what’s your solution? Quickly call Azzuro Hair Design on telephone 24646942 and book your loved one an appointment at Azzuro Hair Design, the number 1 unisex hairdressing salon in Cyprus! You can book your partner in for a hair colour, haircut, restyle or conditioning treatment and be sure they he/she will be over the moon! Alternatively pop into our hair salon where we have some fabulous professional cruelty free hair products which are guaranteed to make her smile!

With Azzuro Hair Design prices from just 18 euros for tinting and 14 euros for a men’s cut this is a gift that is special and wont break the bank!

Azzuro Hair Design is an award winning unisex hair salon on the Dhekelia Road in Larnaca, Cyprus. We specialise in mens and womens cutting, colouring and styling and offer expert advice on hair care. To make an appointment with Azzuro Hair Design call 24646942 or CLICK HERE 

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