5 Hot Hair & Beauty Travel Tips

At Azzuro Hair Design, the unisex hairdressing salon in Larnaca we are getting jealous. Really jealous. Why? Because all our clients are getting ready for their holidays! This got us thinking … how can you make sure your hair and skin look great while you are travelling? Our 5 Hot Hair & Beauty Travel Tips will keep you looking great wherever you are jetting off to this summer!

hair & beauty travel tips

# Travel Tip 1 STAY HYDRATED

Travelling can be rough on your hair and skin if you don’t stay hydrated. Airplane cabin air, hot climates, air conditioning can all wreak havoc with your beauty regime. Start your vacation by sipping warm water and lemon on your flight and not just one but lots of them! Turn down the tea, coffee and wine which will dry out your skin and opt for a cleansing and hydrating drink instead.

#Travel Tip 2 KEEP IT LOOSE

Going to the airport is not a trip to a fashion show even if you are a fashion model! The ultimate aim should be to remain comfortable throughout your journey so avoid skinny jeans, unnatural fabrics and high or tight shoes which could make walking difficult and become very uncomfortable at high altitudes. Opt for loose trousers or yoga pants and comfortable pumps or sandals which can be loosened or removed easily. Wear light / cotton clothing and carry a sweater in case you get chilly. Keep a pair of fluffy socks in your bag for the ultimate mid-air chill out!


Consider your travel time as the start of your holiday and what better time than to treat your hair and face? Decant your favourite products into small bottles to use on your flight and consider including the following:

  • HAIR MASK – add a little to wet ends on your flight
  • CLEANSER- cleanse your face of all makeup before your flight
  • EYE CREAM- dab on a little intensive eye cream before a nap
  • MOISTURE MASK- watch a movie with a moisture mask

Don’t mind what anyone else thinks… just relax back and your skin will thank you!


Ever get really bored on your flight? Can’t get into a book? Frustrating isn’t it… especially when everyone else seems to be asleep! Make use of time on your next flight by packing a mini manicure kit and taking care of your nails. You can waste at least an hour filing, buffing and polishing and your nails will look great by the end of the flight!

Travel Tip #5 Avoid Complicated Hairstyles

The ultimate aim of your journey should be comfort so avoid hairstyles that will be uncomfortable or could set of airport beepers! This means no clip in hair extensions, pins, metallic bands! Spritz your hair with a little leave in conditioner and either tie it in a loose plait or keep it down. If you think it might get too messy then keep a light scarf in your bag to tie around while you are sleeping on the plane.


  • neck pillow
  • leave in hair conditioner
  • hair scarf
  • intensive moisturiser
  • nail manicure kit
  • fluffy socks
  • alcohol free cleansing wipes
  • lip balm

Azzuro Hair Design hopes you enjoyed our 5 Hot Hair & Beauty Travel Tips. To book an appointment with our hair salon please call +357 24646942 or click here

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