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vitamins_for_good_skin_and_hairAt Azzuro Hair Design hairdressers in Larnaca we understand hair and what makes it healthy. Of course genetics and daily routing play a large part in the condition of your hair but so too does your diet and specifically your vitamin intake.

Let’s take a look at how a change in diet and vitamin intake can improve the heath and appearance of your hair. Which vitamins does your hair need?

Vitamin E and Niacin

Vitamin E helps to produce healthy skin and has positive effects on the scalp. Circulation, and blood flow to the follicles, is stimulated by both niacin and vitamin E helping hair to grow and to prevent baldness.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 helps to keep hair from thinning and also increases the production of melanin, which is the chemical that gives hair its color and therefore slows down the greying process.

Folic Acid

A few reasons that folic acid is important is that it helps to prevent greys, makes your hair thicker, shinier and reduces breakage.


Inositol keeps the cells of hair follicles healthy so that they can continue growing healthy hair without breakage and thinning.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A helps the scalp to produce healthy sebum to keep the skin moisturized. The sebum moisturizes the scalp itself and the hair. Too little sebum will cause the hair to be dry, and too much will cause hair to be oily. Vitamin A also helps to fight free radicals such as pollution that weigh down your hair so your hair will feel lighter and have better body.

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